California Biomass Energy Alliance Applauds Governor’s State of Emergency Declaration Due to Dying Forests as a Result of the Drought

Friday, October 30, 2015

SACRAMENTO – Executive Director of the California Biomass Energy Alliance (CBEA), Julee Malinowski-Ball, issued the following statement after Governor Brown issued a State of Emergency for the removal of dead and dying trees.

“Today, Governor Brown took a bold step to protect the public from potential fire hazards by calling for the expedited removal of dead and dying trees in California’s forested areas. This proclamation identifies elevated fire hazard zones from the unprecedented die-off and prioritizes tree removal in these areas. It also calls for the state to dispose of the dead trees including the use of biomass.

“CBEA is encouraged that the Governor recognizes the importance of biomass power as it relates to addressing this urgent problem. We will work closely with the Governor, the Forest Service, the Public Utilities Commission and the California Energy Commission in order to carry out this vital state of emergency declaration.”

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