About CBEA

The California Biomass Energy Alliance was created almost 20 years ago with a charter to promote biomass energy as a means to reach the environmental and economic goals of California. On behalf of its members, we have worked tirelessly as the sole advocate of the solid fuel biomass power industry through California’s energy crisis, the introduction and implementation of renewable standard and waste reduction mandates though to today’s carbon constrained proceedings ruled by AB 32’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction requirements.

Through the years CBEA’s efforts have benefited the industry by playing a prominent role in each of these important public policy changes and educating policy makers on the myriad benefits of avoiding conventional fuel disposal and open-burning and the jobs it creates.

CBEA has supported California’s role as the largest state in the nation in the production of biomass power and will continue to do so by working closely with our government, environmental and industry partners to ensure sustained success.

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