CBEA provides the following resources for your use and better understanding of the California and national biomass power industries. If you have additional questions or are looking for something in particular, please contact CBEA today.

PowerPoint Presentations

Biomass Power: Essential for California

Biomass and Climate Change

Research Reports on Biomass Benefits

The Environmental Costs and Benefits of Biomass Energy Use in California

The Value of the Benefits of U.S. Biomass Power

Biomass Energy Production in California: The Case for a Biomass Policy Initiative

Clean and Diversified Energy Initiative Biomass Task Force Report

Bioenergy and Greenhouse Gases

Biomass to Energy: Forest Management for Wildfire Reduction, Energy Production, and Other Benefits

Other Helpful Links

State of California Tree Mortality Task Force

California Public Utilities Commission Resolution E-4770: Authorizing Procurement from Forest Fuelstock Bioenergy Facilities supplied from High Hazard Zones for wildfires and falling trees pursuant to the Governor’s Emergency Proclamation

Biomass Energy in California (California Energy Commission)

Biopower Basics (US Department of Energy)

Biomass Magazine

Biomass Power Association

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Emissions Benefit from Firing Orchard Residue at Delano Energy Facility


What’s Happening in our Forest?: An animated short by Aspen Center for Environmental Studies exploring how forests affect, and are affected by, the forces around them

Placer County Air Pollution Control District has produced a video that provides an overview of discussions, observations and policy recommendations related to California forests as follow-up to the three fuels treatment/forest health workshops held at the UC Berkeley Blodgett Forest Research Station in 2012 and 2013. A unique and diverse set of resource professionals, researchers, state/federal agency representatives, utility representatives and elected officials were interviewed and have provided candid comments.