Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station

8755 Enterprise Drive
Jamestown, Tuolumne Co. CA 95327
Direct Employees 27
Senate District SD 4, Marie Alverado-Gil, D
Assembly District AD 8, Jim Patterson, R

Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station

Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station (PUCS) is located in the foothills of Central California near the community of Chinese Camp. The facility is a 25 gross MW biomass plant utilizing wood fuel from forest management operations (such as pre-commercial thinning or dead tree removal), urban construction, and agricultural products such as nut shells and orchard prunings. The power produced by PUCS power is now purchased by SCE under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

PUCS is a partnership venture between IHI Power Generation Corp. and Jamestown Energy Inc.
IPSC provides operations and maintenance services under a Operations and Maintenance agreement.

Project Overview

Location: Jamestown, California – Sierra Nevada Foothills
Technology: Ultra-Systems Engineers & Constructors. EPI/Zurn boiler, Turbodyne/EM turbine generator set; GEA air-cooled condenser
Fuel Type: Biomass (waste wood) ~30% Agricultural waste, 40% urban wood waste, 30% forest wood waste.
In-Service Date: Oct 1986
Capacity: 19.8 MW (8.91 MW to CE)
Output: BioRAM contract with SCE
Ownership: Jamestown Energy (55%), IHI Power Generation Corp (45%)
Operator: IHI Power Services Corp.
  • Contact Information:
  • Jon Donais, Interim Plant Manager
  • Cindy Gasper, Admin.
  • (209) 984-4660
  • Address:
  • 8755 Enterprise Drive
  • Jamestown, CA 95327

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