Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station

8755 Enterprise Drive
Jamestown, Tuolumne Co. CA 95327
Direct Employees 27
Senate District Andreas Borgeas

Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station

Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station (PUCS) is located in the foothills of Central California near the community of Chinese Camp. The facility is a 25 gross MW biomass plant utilizing wood fuel from forest management operations (such as pre-commercial thinning or dead tree removal), urban construction, and agricultural products such as nut shells and orchard prunings. The power produced by PUCS power is now purchased by SCE under a long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

PUCS is a partnership venture between IHI Power Generation Corp. and Jamestown Energy Inc.
IPSC provides operations and maintenance services under a Operations and Maintenance agreement.

Project Overview

Location: Jamestown, California – Sierra Nevada Foothills
Technology: Ultra-Systems Engineers & Constructors. EPI/Zurn boiler, Turbodyne/EM turbine generator set; GEA air-cooled condenser
Fuel Type: Biomass (waste wood) ~30% Agricultural waste, 40% urban wood waste, 30% forest wood waste.
In-Service Date: Oct 1986
Capacity: 19.8 MW (8.91 MW to CE)
Output: BioRAM contract with SCE
Ownership: Jamestown Energy (55%), IHI Power Generation Corp (45%)
Operator: IHI Power Services Corp.
  • Contact Information:
  • Rick Carter, Plant Manager
  • Kim Velasquez, Admin.
  • (209) 984-4660
  • Address:
  • 8755 Enterprise Drive
  • Jamestown, CA 95327

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