DG Fairhaven Power, LLC

This facility is currently idle.
97 Bay Street
Samoa, Humboldt Co. CA 95564
Size (MWs) 18
Direct Employees 22
Dedicated Indirect Jobs DG Fairhaven Power, LLC is responsible for approximately 30 dedicated indirect jobs, including fuel suppliers involved in collection, processing and transport of biomass fuel.
Senate District SD 2, Mike McGuire, D
Assembly District AD 2, Jim Wood, D
Congressional District CD 2, Jared Huffman, D

The Fairhaven biomass plant is an 18 MW generation facility located in northern California. Since operations began in 1987 the power generated is supplied to Pacific Gas & Electric under a long-term power purchase agreement. The plant uses over 250,000 tons of various forms of wood waste from local sawmills and forest operations annually. Fairhaven is certified by the State of California as a renewable energy generator. Fairhaven’s ash by-product is certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture as an Organic Input Material. EWP Renewable Corporation owns and maintains operations staff at the Fairhaven and overall owns and operates 165 megawatts of efficient and reliable, renewable energy and clean natural gas energy facilities in the US.