Sierra Power Corp.

This facility is currently idle.
9000 Road 234
Terra Bella, CA 93270
Size (MWs) 9.5
Dedicated Indirect Jobs Sierra Power Corp. is responsible for approximately 17 dedicated indirect jobs, including fuel suppliers involved in collection, processing and transport of biomass fuel.
Senate District SD 16, Michael Rubio, D
Assembly District AD 26 , Connie Conway, R
Congressional District CD 21, David Valadao, R

Sierra Power Corp. plant is a 9 MW generator. It is wood-fired primarily with an auxiliary gas burner. The plant provides a beneficial disposal site for local green waste lumber manufactures, pallet manufactures and especially agriculture orchards. Electricity is sold under contract with Pacific Gas & Electric.

An addition 20 people are involved in grinding and hauling agricultural fuel and urban waste hog fuel.

Sierra Power Corp Boilers


Sierra Power began operations in 1986 supplying electricity to a utility and supplying steam to the dry kilns of an adjacent sawmill. In 2004, Sierra Power began supplying electricity to the adjacent sawmill in conjunction with the steam for it’s dry kilns. Approximately 90% of the electricity produced goes to the grid and purchased by Pacific Gas and Electric.

Worker Pointing at Controls

Sierra Power produces 100,000# of steam per hour and consumes 240 BDT’s of hog fuel each day. The fuel mix is approximately 20% sawmill residue, 50% ag waste (whole tree removal), and 30% is an urban type of fuel i.e. tree trimmings etc.